SAFEYEAR Cut Resistant Gloves,Strengthen Between The Thumb & Index Level 5 Protection

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  • ✅  Cut Resistant  Kevlar Material
  •   Abrasion Resistant  Latex Coating
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Maximum of Safety

Our cut resistant, highly durable gloves 4x stronger than leather (EN388 certification) 10 times stronger than normal gloves. Protect your hand from cuts, abrasions and slice--Durability with the highest level of cut resistant material HDPE. Ideal for gardening, construction, yard work, metalworking, HVAC, cutting and fishing for men and women. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back if you are not happy with our product.


Power Grip

Get a pair of knife resistant gloves that fit either hand perfectly-just like the second skin. Suitable for both men and women, ladies. Excellent comfort and dexterity to wear and grip.You can do woodwork or kitchen work without sliding.Breathable material for all day comfortable. Tight stretchy knit wrist cuff for easy on and off.

work gloves

Incredibly Durable

Those cuts gloves use enhanced design between the thumb and index without losing performance,adds the durability and dexterity of the gloves. It can avoid 99% knife cuts and other accidental injuries while carving, cutting or cooking.

cut resistant work gloves

Wide Use

Ideal for kitchen and outdoor activities: meat cutting, oyster shucking, vegetables slicing, fish fillet peeling, mandoline use, wood carvingmechanics, auto, fishing, picking broken glasses, carpentry,and garden working. Those level 5 cut-resistant gloves are available for butchers, restaurants, and businesses. Suitable for both men and women, ladies.

cut resistant work gloves

Easy to Clean

The gloves are machine washable and reusable, and can be sanitized as kitchen dishwashing towel.

cut resistant work gloves

Fast Delivery & Services

With local warehouses, we provide fast shipping and free delivery to USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austrilia, New Zealand, etc.

Safetoe Services & Delivery

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5 Hands are protected from prickly and sharp objects
By  Pinnacle Vision  On 2022-10-14
This pair of Type C (level 5) cut resistant gloves come packed into a clear plastic ziplock bag. Upon holding them I felt how thin they are and when I tried them on they fitted so snuggly and was comfortable. They were easy to work in and all my fingers were flexible and garden work was a piece of cake when I was working and handling sharp tools and prickly bushes. They performed well and I never expected such thin looking gloves would offer this level of protection. The palm side of the glove is stretchy and gritty feeling. I enjoyed working in the garden with these on and knowing that they give me so much protection. I do not have anything negative to add. These are great value and I think they are great! ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Brilliant Cut Protection.. Does As Claimed! Even Against A Razor Sharp Sabatier!
By  Beau the Bengal  On 2022-10-05
These are Quite Amazing & Offer An Excellent Level Of Protection.. As I Nervously Tested Them with a Razor Sharp Sabatier Parring Knife... Look! No Blood! I am in Stitches.. or I might Have Been Without wearing Them! I got the Medium for my Medium Size Hands.. was debating whether to get Large, as sometimes in Gloves a Large Fits Perfect & 'M' would have been too Tight.. These Fitted Perfectly! I was a 1/8" under 3.3/4" across widest part of palm. Also 4.5" Measured With Thumb Closed to palm across. Long Finger to start of Wrist 8" These Stretchy Cut Resistant Gloves are made from a mix of Kevlar, Steel Reinforced Fibres & Spandex Polyester, With Grippy Foam Nitrile Covering on the Open Palm Area for grip, as well as Reinforced Blue Area between Thumb & Finger. Good Thing about these too.. If You Are Using for Food Prep.. They Can be Machine Washed! ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 love this gloves
By  IFM NYC  On 2022-08-17
have been working with my wife with several projects in our apartment and bought this gloves to protect our hands. From the fist day we started using them we were very surprise about how confortable and versatile for different kind of projects, from painting, sanding or just cleaning they work great. Though I would not use them for anything involving too much water. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Very good product
By  Bamboochaaa  On 2022-07-24
My husband is very happy with these gloves. Size is good, they are also very comfortable. Seems like they are durable, he is working on sites and currently after 4 weeks of using these gloves on daily basis they are in good condition still. He was trying so many gloves before, but with these he said is quite impressed- so far one of the best he has got therefore good product, good price, happy with the quality. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Crafting & Sewing Safety
By  BunnyD  On 2022-05-25
I have 2 pairs - 1 in the kitchen, and 1 in the sewing room. Wearing this glove on the hand holding the rule down is really nice! I can roll right over my hand with no injury at all. These are really great gloves! ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Comfortable safety gloves
By  Dr. Jonathan P. Whelan  On 2022-04-11
I've used these for some wood and steel working in recent weeks. I love the feel of them, they're really supple especially in the fingers, and very comfy to wear. The material is soft, but nice and grippy, which is great - so they give good fine motor control, whilst also being anti-slip. I can't comment (happily) on the cut resistance. They feel pretty sturdy, and I feel safer wearing them with sharp objects around. But I've not been brave enough to attack them with a blade to see how well they stand up to it I must admit ! ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 These work really well
By  Kim Kenny  On 2022-03-29
My husband works in a meat department, cleaning the machines and blades. These gloves have saved him from nicks and cuts! ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Excellent protection for heavy gardening / DIY work
By  R. WEST-SOLEY  On 2022-02-23
Reassuringly thick and super protective - these are just brilliant for all manner of work or leisure where your hands need plenty of extra protection. The rubberised pads on the back of the hands are fantastic for padding against moderate heavy or crushing force, while the unrubberised back / wrist sections of the gloves are still made from a very dense fabric which is anti-rip and cut-resistant. The inner palm / finger sections are made from a slightly more flexible material which allows for a bit more movement, but is still tough enough nonetheless. They are thick, and as such, the hands aren't particularly dextrous when using them. However, I thought the protection / flexibility payoff was more than decent considering how safe and durable they felt. It depends on what you're using them for - for heavy gardening / DIY work, they're perfect. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Perfect for the DIYer
By  EvilOrc  On 2021-10-05
Great gloves with plenty of padding and protection. I’ve been using these gloves for all my odd jobs around the house lately. There’s plenty off padding on the palms for protection there, rubber protection on the back of the fingers and knuckles that are slatted so the allow good movement of the joints which is good and the backs of the hands are protected too. Very happy with these gloves. I ordered a size large, most gloves I find I need large but they were a little larger than I expected. Ok but I get a little bit of bunching on the palm, probably could get away with a slightly smaller size. That being said I still really like them. Plenty of protection and comfortable. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Just fantastic
By  Amazing Customer  On 2021-09-14
I used to go through pairs of gloves faster than a dentist, but now I only ever buy these - they are comfy, supple, grip really well and take some serious punishment before they eventually wear through, they are generally lasting at least 8 weeks when being used every day for all sorts of work - even handling masonry and broken tiles. I use gloves for both gardening and general building work. These gloves are the best I have had and are standing up well so far to handling blocks and paving slabs. I have not yet tried them with brambles etc but I expect them to provide decent protection. Pleased with the glove and think it will provide good protection especially around machinery. A bit of a snug fit but that also might not be a bad thing. Really happy with my purchase. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR

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