Safe life and how it looks like
07/ 28/ 2022
How to choose safety shoes for different industries?

Foot injuries are often the most common work-related injuries. In addition, when dealing with hot or corrosive substances, sputtering and manual handling are accidentally crushed by falling objects, which can also cause damage to our feet. So how can you reduce the chances of your employees getting injured on the job? Then, wearing appropriate safety shoes is a simple and effective method.

07/ 14/ 2022
How to choose Anti-static, ESD, or Insulated safety shoes?

Except for the steel toe safety shoes, people who work in certain environments will need safety shoes with certain functions. For the people who work in fuel stations, power plants, chemical plants, flour mills or laboratory, how to choose Anti-static, ESD, or Insulated safety shoes? Let's take a look at real cases and specific selection methods.

07/ 15/ 2022
Why choose memory foam insole for safetoe safety shoes?

How much do you know about memory foam insoles? Today let's take a look at why safetoe safety shoes choose memory foam insole?First of all, let's take a brief look at the material of the safetoe memory foam insole. At the beginning of the 21st century, the shoe industry began to use memory foam, esp



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