Guide for choosing the right safety shoes and work boots during the big sale

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Guide for choosing the right safety shoes and work boots during the big sale

Looking at the dazzling array of discounted products, everyone will inevitably have the impulse to buy something. When the big sale at the end of each year comes, major brands offer various discounts. About buying safety shoes at that time, to let you take your time choosing the right items, we have prepared a shopping guide for you in advance.

Here's the content list:

  • Choose the correct product certification

  • Choose according to your personal needs

Choose the correct product certification

How to choose a safe and high-quality product? There is a shortcut - identifying the product certification and accreditation mark! As we all know, certification is an effective pass for products to enter the market. Products that pass the certification will undergo strict product testing and on-site inspections at the production plant. After passing the assessment, the corresponding certification authority will conduct regular and continuous supervision, inspection, and sampling testing. Most people are not professionals and need help understanding professional terms, so certified safety shoes, work boots and other safety footwear are the preferred choices.

Different countries or regional markets require different certification standards, and you need to choose the standard that meets the requirements of your location.

1. US ASTM certification

ASTM certificate is issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials and used worldwide. The ASTM F2413-18 standard is specifically for safety footwear.

2. EU CE certification

The safety footwear imported to the EU must comply with EN ISO 20345:2011, a European standard for PPE. It applies to all types of safety footwear.

3. CA CSA certification

CSA (the Canadian Standards Association) standards require safety footwear to have a sole and heel made of electrical insulating materials that can stand for the electric shock to the sole.

4. UK UKCA certification

UKCA certification is mandatory for certain products sold in Great Britain. After the UK left the EU, the UK brought the EU's PPE Regulation 2016/425 for safety footwear into UK law which be turned into UKCA.

Choose according to your personal needs

Except for choosing the right product certification, you'd better select the safety shoes according to your personal needs or the requirement of your worksite.

1. Water-resistant

If you're working in a muddy or wet environment, water-resistant is a necessary feature of your safety shoes. Take Safetoe cow leather work boots, for example, the full-grain cow leather treated with a waterproof coating can also maintain breathability.

2. Toe protection

Safety toe design is a base function of general safety shoes that protects your toes from heavy objects and impacts. There are various types of protective toecaps. For instance, most Safetoe safety shoes and work boots are equipped with a steel toe or composite toe.

3. Puncture-resistant

Puncture-resistant safety shoes are essential for those who work in construction, logistics, machinery, glasses installation, and workshop to protect their feet from sharp objects or uneven ground. The puncture-resistant plate usually includes steel plate (high-grade penetration protection, heavy weight, less elasticity) and Kevlar plate (standard penetration resistant, lightweight and high elasticity).

4. Slip-resistant

PU or rubber soles both can provide slip-resistant protection. If the worksite is usually dry or there's a small amount of water or oil, the safety shoes with PU soles are enough for use. If there's a lot of water or oil on the ground for a long time, we recommend safety shoes or work boots with rubber soles.

5. Insulation against heat/cold

High temperature above 120° will destroy the basic shape of the common outsoles, and a low temperature of - 10 ℃ will lead to the decline of the anti-skid performance of the sole. In these environments, we recommend using safety shoes with rubber soles.

6. Anti-static

In some flammable workplaces such as gas stations, the static electricity accumulated in the human body may be a dangerous trigger to accidents. So anti-static safety shoes or safety boots are required.

7. Electrical Insulation

For those who work as electricians, electronic operators, cable installers, and substation installers, the safety shoes or work boots must comply with the higher standards of electrical insulation.

8. Lightweight

In the past, people might think that heavy meant sturdy and better protection. But with the development of material, such as composite toecap or Kevlar midsole plate, lightweight safety shoes or work boots can perform the same protection to your feet as the traditional ones.

If you're looking for the right safety shoes or work boots at affordable prices on the big sale, you can consider Safetoe safety shoes and work boots. They can meet the ASTM, CE, CSA, and UKCA standards. Safetoe also provides safety shoes or work boots with different functions to meet various requirements. Subscribe us now, be first to hear about exclusive updates, promotions, and find out more Safetoe coupons at

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