How to choose safety shoes for different industries?

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How to choose safety shoes for different industries?

According to the statistical analysis of industrial accidents by the Labour Department of the Hong Kong Government in 1997, 36% of the total 43,305 work-related injuries were caused by stepping on or colliding with hard objects, etc., and the foot injuries are often the most common work-related injuries. In addition, when dealing with hot or corrosive substances, sputtering and manual handling are accidentally crushed by falling objects, which can also cause damage to our feet. So how can you reduce the chances of your employees getting injured on the job? Then, wearing appropriate safety shoes is a simple and effective method.

So how to choose the right safety shoes? Firstly, we should decide the function of safety shoes according to the possible hazards in the working environment.

1. If there is a danger of hard, rolling, or falling objects in the environment, the shoes need to have the function of protecting the toes;

2. If there are sharp objects in the environment that may pierce the sole, the anti-puncture function is required;

3. If the accumulation of static electricity needs to be dissipated, and the electric shock danger of electrical appliances or live parts has not been eliminated, the anti-static function is required;

4. If there is a danger of electric shock, electrical insulation is required.

Safetoe Work Boots Insulated

So what industries and jobs are the common safety shoes applicable for?

1. Toe protection safety shoes:

The safety performance of the toecap is AN1 grade, which is suitable for logistics, mining, petroleum, quarrying, metallurgy, port, machinery, construction, forestry, chemical industry, etc. Safetoe provides steel toe cap, composite toe cap safety shoes and work boots for you. 

2. Anti-puncture safety shoes:

The puncture resistance is grade 1, suitable for mining, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold chain work, machinery industry, etc. Safetoe work shoes are equiped with steel mid-sole plate or Kevlar mid-sole plate to meet different needs such lightweight safety shoes.

3. Electrically insulating safety shoes:

Suitable for electricians, electronic operators, cable installers, substation installers, etc. Please note that it is applicable for the working environment where the power frequency voltage is below 1KV, and the working environment should be able to keep the uppers dry. Avoid contact with sharps, high temperature, and corrosive substances, and the sole should not be corroded or damaged. Here we recommend safetoe work boots M-8370BR are leather work boots with composite toecap and ASTM 18KV electric hazard.

Safetoe Work Boots ESD

4. Anti-static safety shoes:

It can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the human body and is applicable for flammable workplaces, such as gas station operators, liquefied gas filling workers, etc. Take Safetoe Antler NB for an example, it's anti-static work boot.

Safetoe Work Boots Anti-Static

After careful analysis, try to list the matters that may directly or indirectly endanger the safety of employees' feet during the entire operation and consult safety professionals, safety shoe manufacturers or suppliers, etc., to make appropriate selections, to provide users with adequate protection.

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