Why choose memory foam insole for safetoe safety shoes?

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Why choose memory foam insole for safetoe safety shoes?

How much do you know about memory foam insoles? Today let's take a look at why safetoe safety shoes choose memory foam insole?


First of all, let's take a brief look at the material of the safetoe memory foam insole. At the beginning of the 21st century, the shoe industry began to use memory foam, especially in high-end shoe materials. Memory foam insoles are significantly superior to insoles made of other materials in shock absorption and comfort. The memory foam insole has also become one of our options. Our memory foam insole is composed of black breathable mesh surface, blue memory foam middle layer, and yellow eco-friendly PU bottom.


Next, let's look at the detailed construction of the insole.

*Breathable mesh can not only increase friction but also effectively absorb sweat.

*Memory Foam is a polyurethane polymer with an open-cell structure. The material is very soft and has a strong shock absorption capacity.

*The bottom adapts the wear-resistant PU material with the ventilation holes to allow the air to circulate effectively.

*The insoles can be freely cut by DIY according to the actual situation of your shoes, and you can cut out your exclusive insoles.


*Arch protection design: The design of the annular protrusion is suitable for the foot and can protect our foot arch, preventing the foot arch pain from the insole deviation and supporting the foot comfortably during walking.

*U-shaped stable-heel shock absorption design: make the foot force more uniform, and the shock absorption effect is significant. With the slow-rebound memory material, the insoles provide reliable cushioning protection and superior comfort.

In a word, the ergonomically designed memory foam insole of the safetoe safety shoes can relieve the foot troubles of workers who work for a long time in safety shoes. Memory foam insoles can relieve many chronic foot diseases caused by long-term standing and reduce the pain of grinding feet.

That's why our safetoe brand safety shoes use memory foam insoles as our insoles. Our safetoe brand is committed to making our customers comfortable and happy with our safety shoes.

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