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SAFEYEAR Safety BBQ Gloves Oven High Temperature,Black Gloves for Men & Women

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  • Heat Resistant
  • Flexible & Non-Slip
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Price: $ 16.99 / Piece
  • FL-3001BK


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Extreme Heat Flame

SAFEYEAR Extreme Heat Resistant Bbq Oven Gloves Made Of High Quality Materials And Functions, Provide The Ultra Protection Against Heat Up To 1472°F (800℃). Famous For Its Ability To Withstand High Temperatures And Repeated Use. Great For Grilling, Barbecue,Cutting, Cooking, Baking, Woodworking, Welding Or Handling Super Hot Items In The Kitchen And Outdoors.

BBQ Grill Gloves

Protect Your Hands

Heat Resistant Work Gloves Consists Of 3 Layers Of Different Materials . Outermost Layer Made Of Non-Toxic Silicone For Skid Resistant. Fire/Heat Protection Layer Made Of Ultra-High Strength Deyan Aramid Fiber For High Heat, Cut, Acid And Alkali Resistance. Skin Layer Use Soft Polyester Cotton Can Protect Your Hands And Provide Excellent Comfort. Equipped With Food Grade Silicone Can Ensure Your Objects Not Slip From Your Hands Easily.

BBQ Grill Gloves

Flexible & Non-Slip

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves Was Designed To Be Separate Five Fingers Are Covered With Food Grade Anti-Slip Silicone To Ensure Your Object Would Not Slip From Your Hands, For More Flexible And Safer During Grilling, Baking, Cooking Or Broiling. Universal Size Of The Grilling Gloves Fits Perfectly In The Hands Of Men And Women. It's Same Of The Left Hand And Right Hand Of The Glove, Both Sides Can Be Use Make Gloves More Durable.

non slip work gloves

Multipurpose Function

SAFEYEAR BBQ Grill Gloves Perfect For Grilling, Baking, Cooking, Picnic Or Handling Other Hot Items Indoor Or Outdoor. Such As Opening a Hot Jar, Taking Out Your Hot Bread From Oven, Roast Turkey, Potatoes And Baked Squash, Bake Beef. Fireplace Logs And More! Perfect To Protect Your Hands For Grilling, Cooking, Baking, Or Handling Super-Hot Items In The Kitchen. And Handling Special Equipment For Woodworking, Welding.

BBQ Grill Gloves

Long Sleeves and Easy Clean

Each Hot Resistant Grilling Gloves With 5 Inch Long Sleeves Protect Your Arm While Protecting Your Hands, There Is No Difference Between The Right Or Left Hand Of Our Grilling Gloves, You Can Wear On Both Sides. The Large Size Gloves Fits Most men's Hands. The BBQ Gloves Extreme Heat Resistant Comes With Handy Cotton Loops, You Can Hang BBQ Gloves Extreme Heat Resistant Up Easily On The Grill. The Gloves Can Be Washed By Machine And Easy Folding Makes Store Convenient.

bbq gloves

Fast Delivery & Services

With local warehouses, we provide fast shipping and free delivery to USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austrilia, New Zealand, etc.

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5 If you grill, these are a must have
By  ABM  On 2022-10-17
They make grilling so much easier. I use meat probes for the majority of my grilling and been able to quickly and easily grab the probes makes all the difference in the world. I’ve even use them in the kitchen to take pans out of the oven, and so far the work great. If you are in the kitchen, grilling or near high heat these are a must. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Fantastic
By  JV  On 2022-05-31
Absolutely love these! I was so sick of replacing the cheaper potholders every few months. Always burned hand through those too. These are awesome! Since its a glove, allows for sturdier grip,the pads give you extra grip support and they are nice and thick so no burning your hands anymore! Easy to clean, toss in washer. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Perfection
By  wilms  On 2022-04-05
I've tried other types of heat resistant gloves. One pair was too stiff, slippery, I dropped several baking pans with them. Another style, a gift, had a hole in the index finger, right where I grip pans, I got burnt several times. Also too stiff. These gloves are soft, not at all stiff, which allows for a better grip on pans. No dropping no hot mess. Heat doesn't get through.---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR
5 Good gloves
By  LIAO  On 2021-12-15
Nice to thick nomex gloves that are good at resisting heat. They work good for taking pans out of the oven. ---- This review is from Amazon Store: SAFEYEAR

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